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Front End Department

Welcome To Our Front End

The smiling faces of the Front End Department make a memorable impression on every customer of The Fresh Market. This is a high-profile area with a very important responsibility: to make sure that each customer feels well taken care of and leaves with the desire to return in the near future. It’s imperative that we make a good and lasting impression on every customer.

Cashiers and Courtesy Clerks work in concert to engage the customer and handle their purchases with the utmost care. Assistant Front End Department Managers and Front End Department Managers are never far away, and keep an eye on customer flow to ensure efficient service that doesn’t feel rushed. Customers want to feel special.

When Marie visited The Fresh Market before applying for a position here, she could tell that we have the same high standard for quality and customer satisfaction that she does. "I love to interact with people." Marie tells us. "Customer service is my favorite part of the job."

- Marie R.
Front End Manager
8 years experience

Creating the Experience

Being supportive of one another is integral to creating a positive Front End Department experience. Excellent teamwork is key to getting through the hectic times, when the store is especially busy. There is also a lot of individual initiative required to work efficiently, knowing where to find product codes and how to answer customer inquiries. Sometimes customers will wait until the check-out process to ask a question. This can mean calling in a Store Manager, tasking a coworker from another department, or going out into the store to locate an item on your own.

The goal for everyone who works in the Front End Department at The Fresh Market is to be at their best for our customers. Exceptional service leads to Customer Delight. We might be the last stop for a busy person on their way home after a bad day. Showing that we care about their satisfaction can make a difference. It’s how we achieve the level of customer loyalty that The Fresh Market enjoys.

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Enjoying The Opportunity

Working in the Front End Department requires a constant and consistent effort to make sure customers are treated well. It's important to ensure that they found everything they were looking for and enjoyed a positive experience throughout the store. Occasionally, you will encounter an unhappy customer. This is when you will use your diplomacy and tact to try to make the situation right. You need to be able to remain calm and sympathetic, without seeming defensive in any way.

The Front End Department at The Fresh Market is an ideal workplace for helpful, friendly individuals with excellent interpersonal skills. You need to know how to engage customers in conversation, offer a sample of our product, and enjoy yourself in the process. If you join us from another retail setting, you will be pleasantly surprised by our unique atmosphere. Detail orientation is also essential to ensure the accurate scanning of products and payment transactions.

We look for Assistant Front End Department Managers and Front End Department Managers who have previous experience in a similar role. You should also expect to be an active member of the Front End Department, handling Cashier and Courtesy Clerk duties as part of your daily work. Assistant Front End Department Managers and Front End Department Managers are also responsible for updating signage and tags on a weekly basis.

Retail experience is preferred for Cashiers and Courtesy Clerks, but is not required. Just be prepared to be on your feet -- and stay on your toes when it comes to thinking fast and dealing with diverse personalities.

If you would like to learn more about Front End Department opportunities at The Fresh Market, click here to search jobs in a location near you.